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Music on the way!

It's been a years since my last update. Planning and finalizing recordings of before mentioned projects have taken longer than expected, as always. I'm happy to announce that music is finally on the way. We have just finished mixing the debut record for the project "Garden". We are looking for a label to release on and will hopefully have the music out this summer. I'm very excited for this next step in my work and looking forward to sharing the music with you all. The record will be a full length album of ten compositions that was recorded back in may of last year. The project features Henrik Dalen (NO) on bass and Øystein Aarnes Vik (NO) on drums. Stay tuned!

And there's more! This spring I am also planning to finally record music written during my master studies. The project is named "New Eyes" and will feature myself on saxophone and vocals, Maria Palmqvist (SE) on vocals, Viktor Reuter (SE) on bass and Anders Gleditsch (NO) on piano. "New Eyes" consists of compositions and texts stemming from my artistic research into interdisciplinary approaches to my own creative process, with the goal of coming closer to my true artistic voice. The project explores a persons development and the connection between the adult mind and the inner child. The texts weave together a mysterious and metaphorical tale from different points of view delving into a human beings inner self and perhaps also to a meeting with your own. The project has previously been performed in different constellations at venues in Scandinavia, Italy and Nepal. I'm really excited to finally record this music and can't wait to share it with you!


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