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New Eyes

New Eyes is a project started in 2017 with music based on original texts by Mathias Hagen. The band has appeared in many different constellations and played concerts in Scandinavia and Italy. The project plans to record their debut album in early summer of 2024 featuring Mathias Hagen (NO) on saxophone and vocals, Maria Palmqvist (SE) on vocals, Viktor Reuter (SE) on bass and Anders Gleditsch (NO) on piano. "New Eyes" consists of compositions and texts stemming from Hagens artistic research into interdisciplinary approaches to his own creative process, with the goal of coming closer to his true artistic voice. The project explores a persons development and the connection between the adult mind and the inner child. The texts weave together a mysterious and metaphorical tale from different points of view delving into a human beings inner self and perhaps also to a meeting with your own.

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